Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Renegade Sound - Kings Of Miami 2 - Rap Mullet Review

Oh shit Renegade is back with that wicked dancehall again. For you slow mutha fuckas this is Kings Of Miami 2 part of the Kings Of Miami series.'d be surprised how slow some cats are. I'm not from Miami, never been to Miami but by the sounds of this mixtape series Renegade is def the King out there. 80 tracks deep again people...that shit amazes me.

I'm diggin' how Renegade seamlessly jumps in and out of the hip hop vocals and the dancehall cuts. That "Five O" remix gets me every time and I'm def not a big fan of Elephant Man. Mavodo is as cool as ever on "Stiff Neck Fools", same for Bennie Man on "First Date". That Silver Screen Riddim was my shit. TOK laced "No Way" over that joint. I'm def not one to shake my ass but the "Party Riddim" should get some thongs sweaty. I don't think I ever heard Chino before but dude went in on "Rave" and "Represent". The Bluetooth Riddim was cool. Movado on that liquid shit with "Squeeze". My rewind riddim was the "Backache Riddim" tho, especially "Gangsta Ras" by Munga....this joint and "Nuh Fraid A No Boy" sound type lovely in the whip.

I def got my dancehall fix on with this joint. Selecta Renegade never ceases to impress mixtape wise; mixing is cool as a fan and his ear is on point. I'm still waiting for some more Hip Hop/Reggae blends to drop tho and it would def be cool to throw some R&B into that mix as well. Hell, give the people everything all at once but with a reggae theme on some true party shit. (8/22/07)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Reggae Madness 2007 - Rap Mullet Review

Dexterity is back doing his thing on the mixtape side of things. He's got the new venture poppin' off as well; The spot encompasses everything reggae, from CDs to DVDs to downloads to magazines (I didn't even know they had reggae magazines) and of course all the classics. Its 90 degrees out right now, bout to put the windows down in the ride and see where this CD takes me.

Busta Rhymes actually dropped a dope verse on the “Come Around” remix. That beat is crazy tho so anyone with proper delivery will sound good on it. “No Guts” is the anthem!! I ran this track back to back to back to back like I was a fiend. I need to find the whole song cause Dexterity only let like a minute of it breathe. “Bang Bang” keeps that energy going too. Movado murders “Last Night”…shit is most def a classic track. That Show Off riddim is classic too. Is it me or is Wyclef on every other reggae remix right now? That joint with Sean Paul, “Toppa Da List” is cool as a fan. I’m fucking with Mr. Vegas on “You” too, that shit had me open. That whole run through the Spain Town Riddim was the shit. I’m on that up tempo, high energy music right now. I hate the song “Umbrella” but the Collie Budz remix was type fly.

Dexterity giving you hella unreleased joints on here with a perfect balance of some new shit. Time and time again over a decade now the man gives you a quality product to cop and listen to. There are only a handful of mixtape DJs now that can claim that. The bottom line is cats need to continue to support. Hit up Reggae Planet get that new shit and then re-stock those classics. (8/3/07)