Friday, February 8, 2008

C-Shots 3 Review Review

You know what's funny? I have a vast array of new mixtapes but surprisingly none of them are so called "exclusive" mixtapes. What does that say about the game? Personally I can dig it. It means the ones who relied on getting shit online have been pushed to the side. You can't do that shit anymore, it doesn't work. Now you see cats building with these new artist which is good and then you have vets like Dexterity who will never be affected by that shit. He just dropped like four joints in the last couple weeks too and with this one right here (C-Shots 3) he's virtually all alone in competition.

That girl talking on the "Cum Inside" c-shots remix can still get it. When she says "you're so naughty" you just shake your head yes like she said that shit to you. Lol. R. Kelly is the only singer who could sing about "fruit and vegetables and potato's"...classic. Cats sleep on this joint when it comes to slow jams. "Nice and Slow" is another oft forgot Joedci slow jam...Dexterity is digging crates a little bit. Tracks 8-10 get the C-Shot remix treatment which for those that don't know is blending some porn audio throughout the music. I wonder how many porno's Dexterity had to watch to find the right sound clips...not a bad job really. "Threesome" by Ruff Endz is the stand out track tho. Adina Howard had some freaky ass songs man. "Nasty Grind" is the shit. How many R&B chicks singing "no one is gonna do you like me"? The freakiest of the freakiest C-Shots remix tho was "Naked", with the same girl from the first gotta hear it to believe it. You're a lucky man Dex, don't front you recorded those sound bites live.

You know how you tell if a slow jam mixtape is any good? If you can really get your freak on to that shit then it's a good slow jam mixtape. Cats today play to much up tempo R&B ish joints, you gotta play those joints that make you want to sweat out a weave, make you fall off the bed and keep going, have you smelling like hot dog water and shit after the mixtape is over. That's the whole C-Shots series up to this point summarized for you and volume 3 is no different. (1/27/08)

Rap Mullet Review - Strictly Vocals #3

RapMullet Review

This project right here is my new medicine. No lie, I don't think I've been in a better mode than after running this CD back to back a few times. This joint will have your eyes low like you just cop'd a $20 sac but haven't even smoked yet. Truth be told...I hate people; they annoy the hell out of me but I was actually mellowed enough to deal with their bullshit listening to this...props to Dexterity for that.

Cats would never guess that I'm a Culture head but it's true and I'm about to cop some more joints just like it. "Show A Little Love" was my theme music for a good day and a half in my ride. The whole "Truth and Rights" riddim run down was dutch tearing music. "Marijuana" by T.O.K is self-explanatory people this is an anthem of great proportions. The Tear Drop riddim had a little knock to it. Movado on "Lately" was that smooth shit. The Cruising Altitude riddim was the wheel tho, no literally I was whipin' it like I just robbed a bank all while relaxed as hell. I could listen to this section all day man. "High So High" had me rolling for some reason. "It's all about the sess...yes". lol "Let's Get Some High Grade" is my kind of track, straight forward and to the point. I don't think I've ever heard Jah Mason before but he went in on that track. I was in the zone hard when "Over and Over" hit; real mellow vibe.

If you read my reggae reviews, you know I don't know a whole hell of a lot about reggae in general. I know my classics but beyond that, it's all how the music makes me feel. Strictly Vocals 3 is another must have in the Strictly Vocal mixtape series. Do yourself a favor; head over to cop some vocal joints, some classics and $50 sac of some high grade. (2/5/08)