Monday, July 6, 2009

Gully Side - Blue Mountain Theater |

Gully Side - Blue Mountain Theater |

Gully Side - Jamaican Comedy

Written by Floyd Knight, directed by Joseph Charles, Gully Slide, is a powerful new drama from Blue Mountain Theater - the masters of cutting edge theatre!

Gully Side is an irresistble category 5 journey into Jamaica's brutal urban jungles. Feel the tribulations of preacher mother Ms Mac as she battles with her blind passion for the church while her own son, gang leader Scribble, the Gully God and daughter turn to a life of crime.

Watch in awe as Bounty Killa and Beenie Man wage a war of words over D'Angel. Then dare to answer the toughest question: Who is to blame for the state of today's youth? At Blue Mountain we won't turn our back on the questions that really matter - will you? Is it as simple as nature versus nurture? Do you point the finger at the DJ's belligerent lyrics and their negative role model life styles? Or are you the parents really at fault?

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