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Bob Marley - Stations Of The Cross Unauthorized (Documentary)

Bob Marley - Stations Of The Cross Unauthorized (Documentary)

The following documentary is closer to being released then the previously mentioned film.

"Stations of The Cross" is a 2 disc set which includes a new documentary and over an hour of rare audio interviews!


THE DVD: This film tells the complete and unexpurgated story of Bob Marley and of the life he led and the music he made. From his earliest days growing up in a small Jamaican village, through his early musical excursions - some 12 years before the world learned his name - to his era as an iconic and much loved superstar, a position he was cruelly only to enjoy for 6 short years. Featuring the rarest footage of Bob and The Wailers in existence [including much from private collections], interviews with his very closest friends, loved ones and associates, contributions from the finest writers and journalists, plus news reports, location shoots, exclusive photographs and much more, this is the best film yet to document Marley's life as it will prove a delight for the millions of fans still enamored of the man and the music.THE CD: More than an hour of audio interviews with Bob Marley, split into a number of sections, each of which concentrates on a different subject close to man's heart.

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Sales Points:
  • Bob Marley remains the most well known and respected performer of reggae music, and is credited for helping spread both Jamaican Music and the Rastafari movement to a worldwide audience.
  • The compilation album 'Legend' released in 1984, three years after his death, is the best-selling reggae album ever (10 times platinum in US) with sales of more than 20 million copies
  • Bob Marley was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1994. Time Magazine declared 'Exodus' as the greatest album of the 20th Century. In 2001, Bob Marley was also posthumously awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award .
  • Several sons of the late Bob Marley have been blessed with his talent and have very successful music careers also, none more so than Ziggy, Steven and Damien Marley.

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